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Free the nipple!!

Breast friends making mammaries and raising funds It's baaaaaaaack! In studio Boob Night! Our biggest and most favourite fundraiser will be held in studio in person again.  Samesies -Participants only (aka no creepy peepers allowed)-Print yourself on whatever bisque you want to try-Print yourself at your table, or the bathroom, whatever you feel more comfortable with-Awesome people will be in attendance-Printing is optional if you aren't comfortable. We aren't weirdos who will make you, that would be insane and probably not legal-There will be boobs of all shapes and sizes at this event, so if boobs make you uncomfortable, this is your warning. Sort out your feelings or skip this event ;) Changes  -Snacks will be there but not buffet...

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Do we blog now?

Hi!  First ever blog post, except that one I wrote like 8 years ago about trying to make butterbeer. Spoiler - it was too sweet and I'll never do it again. Anyhoo enjoy! also, enjoy this photo of Me and my Mom

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