We are open for IN STUDIO PAINTING!

For the sake of my fingers finding the right keys, henceforth “in studio painting” shall be called “ISP”

You guys, I spent countless hours, some tears, some angry words, many baffled stares, a complete loathing of my computer and all technology, to finally arrive at an online booking system to make it possible to have all ya’ll glorious customers back in the studio!!!!!
*ooooooo, ahhhhhh, amazinggggggg, yassssss*
We (Janna, myself, Janna’s mom, Rosie, Emily, and some small kids[we know these kids, they were ones we just found and handed a dusting cloth with no bleach]) then scoured all surfaces and nooks and crannies with bleach (sometimes too much bleach), assembled some plastic walls, ensured social distancing, reorganized the tables not once, not twice, but like a lot more times, added a bunch of hand sanitizing stuff, and created a whole new cleaning protocol, and trained our fabulous staffers to ensure that you, our super awesome customers, can safely return to painting with us in the studio. 

Holy heck it’s been a weird ride to get here! You can now go to our website to “book now” to reserve a table for ISP.  Our bookings are primarily after regular hours to ensure everyone can maintain a social distance.  We have also staggered our booking times to allow you to pick out your items and get settled before the next table arrives.  https://shop.firedupceramics.ca/collections/reserve-a-table-in-studio-painting Our staff will be wearing masks when interacting with you in the painting room to avoid speaking moistly (thanks Trudeau) and sharing germs.  We can’t force anyone to wear a mask but we do respectfully and enthusiastically encourage you to wear one when moving around the studio.  We will also keep some on hand for sale if you forget yours :)

So come visit! Come paint stuff! Come let us entertain you by just being ourselves.

We have missed your faces, specifically your eye area to the top of your head ;)

Xoxo Awkward Girl

(omg wait, are some of you too young to realize I am referencing Gossip Girl? Or have the reruns on netflix eliminated this cultural age gap??)

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