How does it work?

Painting in studio - You can drop in any time we are open and see our lovely staff! You can come in solo or with a tiny entourage, pick whatever awesome item you want to paint and we will set you up at a table to paint and hang out. Then you leave it with us and one week later you mosey on in and check out your amazing art, where you will say "woah! that turned out even better than I thought" and then we will wrap it in paper and send it on the way with you.
You can also opt to make a reservation via online booking or calling the studio and then you don't have to worry about wait times.

Take Home Kit because you want to art in your own space and maybe forgo pants (because wearing pants is boring)- You can pick out the perfect in studio for you and your family or friends or pets or plants (whatever, we don't judge) to paint at home.  Once you've painted your ceramics, you can drop off your ceramics to be fired at our studio during any time we are open.

What's included in the pricing?

Included in the pricing are your ceramics you've ordered and a paint kit with the important things you need to paint your creation (paints in the colours of the rainbow, and instructions).  Any leftovers, you keep!

What if I want different colours than the ones in my kit?

Great news! we now have glaze add on combos you can order!

What about brushes and stuff?

While we no longer include brushes, we do offer them for sale very cheaply.  You can use almost any other (*CLEAN*) paint brush you'd like.  You could also use a clean sponge, q tips, your fingers etc.  As long as the item is clean you can probably use it.

What do I do if I mess up?

No worries! this glaze is pretty magical.  You can fix almost any mistake with a clean damp sponge or cloth, you gently wipes the area you want to fix with a clean spot until your mistake is gone. You can also gently scrape with a toothpick if it's a drier spot first.  Almost no mistake is set in stone, until we fire it, then it's set in glass,

Help! I got glaze on me/my clothes/the table/the floor/the ceiling/my dog/my idiot cat walked in it

Stop! Do not panic! This glaze will come off of and out of everything.  It's non toxic, totally water soluble and non scary.  If you have it on a fabric, let it dry and you can flick most of it off, and the rest you can wipe with a wet cloth.  There isn't much we haven't accidentally (or intentionally) gotten glaze on, so we are mess experts.

What do I do when I get done painting? 

When you're done painting, drop your pottery to us at Fired Up! 1801 Fort street for firing. Make sure to check that we are open so you don't make a trip onlhy to be sad you can't see us.

How long does it take to be fired?

We aim to have your creation fired in our conventional 7 day turn around. If you have a deadline please inform us as soon as possible so that we can work with you to get your pottery back by your deadline. We do have a rush fire option that is $20 per item you'd like rushed, and it's a three day turn around (aka drop off on Monday, pick up Thurs) Please Note: This is subject to change 

Can we eat/drink while we paint?

Sure! Feel free to share ;) (joking of course) We ask that you keep fellow painters in mind in case you have any strong smelling food (lets maybe skip the fish?) And a reminder to wash hands, greasy fingers can prevent glaze from sticking.

How can I get in touch if I have questions?

Please feel free to use our contact form or reach out to us via phone at 250.818.4543 or email info@firedupceramics.ca 

What if I want to book a group of 6 or more?

Love that for you! Shoot an email to our party and events coordinator Stormy at stormy.firedup@gmail.com