Do we blog now?

So if I write a blog will you guys read it? What kinds of things would you want to see in our blog posts? Do you want tips and tricks? Techniques? Updates about my animals? Stories from the studio? Weird stuff that pops up? New product info? Or maybe a combo of all these things?

I'll start with an intro. Hi, I'm Kristin.  I'm the GM of Fired Up! as well as the Creative Director, Shopify updater (unless you find something wrong, then obviously someone else did it), and all-around awkwardly enjoyable human. 
I have been at Fired Up! for 6 years now. No, I did not get a gold pen, or fancy watch, or whatever for this achievement. I did however get to keep my job during a global pandemic, so that's pretty great.

Thanks to said pandemic, I have had to quickly learn how the heck shopping...well I have the shopping part under control, but I had to learn how to sell items online.  I don't do tech. Except for the important basics like my phone, e-reader, and earbuds. Technology is hard and being at a computer instead of the studio has been wildly weird. But here we are. Have you taken the time to read the descriptions of items? It's worth it, none are the same and none are basic or what you'd generally expect...Kind of like everything in the studio ;) 

I promise to keep posting things for you to read, I do not promise that they will be 100% on topic, but you will likely still learn something each time.

Have a super fantastic day/night/week/timeloop

xoxo Kristin

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