Free the nipple!!

Breast friends making mammaries and raising funds

It's baaaaaaaack! In studio Boob Night! Our biggest and most favourite fundraiser will be held in studio in person again. 


-Participants only (aka no creepy peepers allowed)
-Print yourself on whatever bisque you want to try
-Print yourself at your table, or the bathroom, whatever you feel more comfortable with
-Awesome people will be in attendance
-Printing is optional if you aren't comfortable. We aren't weirdos who will make you, that would be insane and probably not legal
-There will be boobs of all shapes and sizes at this event, so if boobs make you uncomfortable, this is your warning. Sort out your feelings or skip this event ;)


-Snacks will be there but not buffet style
-We all have to follow PHO orders, so while you can free the nip, you gotta cover your mouth and nose...weird times my friends, weird freakin times.
-You need to pre book your spot to make sure we stay within the number of humans we are allowed to have

xoxo The FU! Crew

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