Be Our Guest

Be our guest

Be our guest

We are done taking a rest

We are open to the public

No no we do not jest!

Bisque du jour


Why, we only live to pour (glaze that is)

Try the new glaze combos

Sure to make your eyes go woah!

Got the Blues?

Need some pink?

We’ve got it all, or so we think!

Creating art with us is never second best

Go on, take a look

Take a glance it’s an art fest

Be our guest

Oui, our guest

Be our guest

Classic mug

Serving Tray

Piggy banks "en flambe"

We'll prepare and serve with flair

An artsy cabaret

You're alone

And you're scared

But the glaze kit is all prepared

No the glaze won’t be staining

And the staff is very entertaining

We tell jokes

I do tricks

Way more fun than politics!

And it's all in perfect taste that you can bet

Come on and glaze your glass

You can even plant green grass

In a planter if you're stressed

Also flower seeds we suggest

Be our guest, be our guest, be our guest

xoxo Kristin

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