Tiny Topper - Tessa

Tiny Topper - Tessa

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I know a dog, who when she was a puppy, genuinely looked like a chubby little bear cub.  As she has gotten older she often resembles a small-ish chubby bear.  So when these came in named "chubby puppy" I insisted they be named Tessa.  So if you are a human named Tessa, this isn't a slight, they are named after the cutest chubby puppy I've ever known.


Roughly 3 cm tall.


Don’t worry, you aren’t just getting this awesome item and then being deserted to sort out your own painting situation.  WE WILL NOT ABANDON YOU!

You will also get a kit with most of what you’ll need for your project including*:

A full instruction sheet that explains everything!!!!!! With colour printed pictures to explain things visually (I’m a visual learner, so are most of our staff, so we assume everyone else is too)
Glaze colours that you can mix if you’d like, in these colours: red, yellow, green, blue, brown, black, & white
We use math and a scale and estimating to make sure we give you enough glaze.  If you run out please feel free to come in for a refill for your project. If you have extra, you can save it to paint with later.  If it starts to dry out, add a few drops of water and mix (this works on totally dried glaze as well)

*Items may differ from kit to kit based on our stock.  You may receive a darker or lighter blue for example if we are out of our usual blue. Also we now sell brand spanking new paintbrushes of assorted sizes! And just FYI, for a palette - we do sell them, but also the glaze comes off everything so you could turn almost anything into a palette.  Let us know if you want suggestions, I have soooo many!