Crocodile in a Sweater Bank - tail broken off

Crocodile in a Sweater Bank - tail broken off

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20 x 8.5 cm

A CROCODILE IN A SWEATER?!?!?!? what is this world? How did we get so flipping lucky?????????? the tail end broke off, but we do have it so it could be glued after.  If this lil friend is calling your name, don't let this stop you! We have even discounted this bank for you


Don’t worry, you aren’t just getting this awesome item and then being deserted to sort out your own painting situation.  WE WILL NOT ABANDON YOU!

You will also get a kit with most of what you’ll need for your project including*:

  • A full instruction sheet that explains everything!!!!!! With colour printed pictures to explain things visually (I’m a visual learner, so are most of our staff, so we assume everyone else is too)
  • Glaze colours that you can mix if you’d like in these colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, & white
  • If you get a large item or many items we send you a double kit which includes, you guessed it, double the stuff!

*Items may differ from kit to kit based on our stock.  You may receive a darker or lighter blue for example if we are out of our usual blue. Also we now sell brand spanking new paintbrushes of assorted sizes! And just FYI, for a palette, the glaze comes off everything so you could turn almost anything into a palette.  Let us know if you want suggestions, I have soooo many!